“Cursing Mommy” Saves the Day

January 9, 2011

I first posted “Cursing Mommy” on December 17, 2010, promising to link you to Ian Frazier’s “Cursing Mommy” story as soon as it became available as a New Yorker archive. It remains unavailable for linking. I think The New Yorker is trying to drive business to their digital edition. So sad! This Post-Holiday Season needs a good antidote. “The Cursing Mommy’s Serenity Prayer” is just the thing.

Still working on connecting you with this stress-buster.

It rained like mad all day today, and we’re in for a weekend-full of water. Having spent 25 winters in Chicago, I am in no position to complain about “bad weather” in the Bay Area. Comparatively, though, a good snowstorm does have a special allure. It’s beautiful to watch and walk in. Falling snow makes everything quieter and slower. And snowflakes look so magical on whatever they touch. Unlike relentless rain, snow doesn’t soak your skin and hair, or drench through your clothes and shoes. Every year at about this time, as I chain-drink hot tea to offset the chilly dampness, I need an extra shot of humor to get through the long, dark, soggy day.

Rainy day at the Golden Gate

The latest issue of The New Yorker arrived a few hours ago. Thumbing through the pages, I found a new addition to Ian Frazier’s riotously funny “Cursing Mommy” series. I read it and laughed my head off. Brilliant humor brightened up an otherwise dismal, midwinter day. (Sorry friends. I cannot link you to the riot-fest; it’s protected for subscribers-only. I’ll check back in a few weeks and will connect you with the whole thing. In the meantime, buy, borrow or steal the December 20 & 27 issue.)

Cursing Mommy's Goal for Today

11 thoughts on ““Cursing Mommy” Saves the Day

  1. I laughed so hard I could hardly keep reading. Ahh the yoga pose! That was the best – but the whole article captures the brain buzz of a cursing mommy – so wonderfully. Glad you wrote about it on this dreary weekend. Keeping the light of humor alive in this season, in this week, is a gift indeed.

    1. It’s gratifying to have a fellow-laugher! We had the same response to Frazier’s writing. I wish I could’ve linked people to the entire piece, but The New Yorker is trying to maintain its print version. I think it will be available after this issue is no longer “on newstands.”
      Thanks for your thoughts.

    1. Thanks for reading; “someone we know” said she was sending this on. I will re-post when The New Yorker allows web access to the full thing. Probably in a few weeks, when the next issue is published. It’s only a one pager. Happy holidays!

  2. Love your blog šŸ™‚ Will be reading and would love to catch up after a round of travel these next few weeks…will look forward to more funny posts.

    1. Thanks for reading. Need to write on a schedule! I wish the weather was worse than it is .. having a tough time staying indoors to write! I also wish The New Yorker would open up access to Ian Frazier’s piece. I want everyone to read it.
      Yes … would love to get together again.

    2. Amber! Just unearthed your comment. Nice! I have been MIA for a few months. Getting my mojo going again..am again reviving NQBlonde. See you!

  3. Can someone post the end of the article where is said something about the next book or article. I laughed at the dentists office at the title but have since forgotten it.

    1. Sorry about the delay in replying. The article “Cursing Mommy Saves the Day,” was published in the New Yorker magazine during the week of December 17. 2010. The frustrating problem is that I cannot link my readers to the entire story. The author (or the New Yorker) are keeping this for subscribers only. So, unless you get that issue, I can’t get access to the entire thing. You can try Googling the author’s name, Ian Frazier. He has written a series of “Cursing Mommy” pieces. I will keep trying to get a link.

    1. Hey, you and me together! I seriously doubt (after nearly 2 months of trying) that The New Yorker (or Ian Frazier will ever allow access to this thing. Maybe someone will help me find a way to access the story and link to it. Crazy, right? I am still trying… and frustrated. Thanks for reading and waiting…

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