I am not quite blonde. I was formerly a brunette, currently greying. Hence the blonde. I am formerly lots of things, too many to list.

Currently, I am a volunteer: at a hospice, a cancer center, and at local charter high school attended by predominantly undocumented students. I hike our stunning northern California wooded trails almost daily with three unique, bright and inspiring friends: the trail posse.  I run on nearby horse trails. I play tennis poorly and energetically. My husband and I travel, love our kids and grandchildren, and get silly with friends. We find our pack of small dogs to be way too amusing.

I’m an anthropologist at heart and by training, most intrigued and engaged by observing how we live: what we do, how we look, what we say, what we eat, what we wear, (you get the idea)… all of the “stuff” that defines our lives.  I’ve been sharing my observations and opinions spontaneously, in person,  writing (often) long narratives in not-the-best-places: emails, texts and Facebook comments.

I’m writing this to entertain my friends — here, there and everywhere. (You know who you are.)

You’ve led me to believe that my experiences and perceptions  are usually amusing, often irreverent and sometimes snarky and provocative. My posse of pals could be wrong… you decide.

Can I play this game? Why not!

So, read on. Laugh or ponder. Please comment freely.