Intelligent, non-noisy response to Todd Akin,

This arrived today via email. Voting is the easiest, most basic way to respond to the vision of America touted at the Republican National Convention, expressed by Todd Akin, and underlying the policies hawked by Paul Ryan.

Vote for candidates whose agendas apply equally to all residents of our country. Vote for candidates whose vision of personal liberty and “respect for life” applies to all ex-utero people, to sentient human beings who are capable of making sound decisions about their personal lives. Let’s vote for candidates whose “respect for the living” goes beyond the embryo and fetus, to encompass women, (pregnant or not), hard-working residents contributing to our GDP, the unemployed, the poverty-stricken and to people of all races and ethnicities. What could be more fundamentally “American” than that?


Back Again. No Excuses.

The sun did not come out today. Where I live in northern California, the sun usually appears before noon, and it stays sunny till sunset. The grey overcast reminded me of the coming season, four or so months of rainy days, a mix of continual and intermittent. 

The chilly, cloudy day felt like place my writing self has been living in for the past year.

There’s no single cogent reason why I stopped posting. Just fell into the writing equivalent of a deep dark bog. It got kind of cozy and comfy in there. 

Maybe I bogged out. But here I am, mug of hot chocolate at my side. 

Hello, friends.

We’re Still Standing, or Is It a Parallel Universe?

Hi everyone! We’re still here, or are we?
Maybe God just cut-and-pasted the world as we knew it into a new place.
Discuss among yourselves.

Andy Borowitz got this message from Him.

On a here-and-now note:

I woke up this morning and the mountains were still standing.

Just like it was on May 20

Jesus Has a Sister

Today is a special friend’s birthday. She’s Another Blonde, also known among our posse as TrailMistress Z. We are hiking pals and best buddies. Take my word for it: she’s terrific. I told her as much on the phone this morning. I’m in Colorado Springs for a few days and she is at home in northern California, so I couldn’t affirm her wonderfulness in person. My praise for her may have been a tad heavy: she offered up the idea that she could be Jesus’ Sister. Maybe it’s the altitude or the location — “Mecca” for Serious Christians, home of James Dobson’s Focus on the Family empire, with evangelical churches heavily interspersed with local strip malls — but her self-proclaimed status seemed reasonable. Continue reading Jesus Has a Sister